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Classes are ongoing; there is no start and stop date


The Tulsa Art Center is a comprehensive art-centered educational community where some of Tulsa’s finest professionals inspire students of all skill levels and ages to achieve their creative goals.

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Location: 6808 S Memorial Dr, Ste 236, Tulsa, OK 74133

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Pallette knife class is now available!  Begins April 20 at 1 pm,$ 185  for 8 weeks.

Learn the techniques and joy of painting landscapes and abstracts with oil paints and a pallette knife. You will learn the basic techniques of applying paint smoothly or with textures using the pallette knife.  This class will develop the skills you need through in-class study and direct painting.  Class is ongoing, jump in at any time




Homeschool Drawing and Art Appreciation for teens.

Fridays, 10 am - 12 pm

This course will focus on the fundamentals of drawing but will utilize other mediums to explore the impact of color on the artwork. Light art history will be covered so that the young artists may begin to learn the whys and the intentions of the artist. Some lessons will be focused around a particular artistic movement or artist but the student will be working on technique throughout. This class is intended for ages 13-19 years of age. However exceptions could be made at the instructors’ discretion.

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Nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Grab your friends, family, goodies and drinks and come spend the afternoon painting away. Cost is $40 with all supplies included.   This month's canvas is called Smoky Mountains.. Learn how to paint in an impressionistic  style with a blended background.  No Experience necessary. Ages 12 and up.



Art Yoga  Thursday 6:30  8 classes $185

art Yoga

There is no need to know how to draw, paint, meditate, or do yoga to take this class. Take a journey into your intuitive creative self and relax through artistic imagination while creating an abstract. The art exercises are designed to help you relax while allowing your self expression to go wild.  A great class for de-stressing after work. Materials needed, canvas any size,  acrylic or craft paints in your desired color pallete and assorted size brushes for acrylics.


We are introducing the fine art of LOST WAX unavailable at any other venue in Tulsa.  What is Lost Wax, you ask?

Lost Wax Casting is the art of taking a clay or wax sculpture and producing a metal duplicate that will last a lifetime and longer. The process has been around for more than 5000 years (yeah thousand, no typo here) and the only thing to change is the equipment used. Lost wax casting is one of the most wide spread ways to make sculptures, from famous statues, such as Rodin's Thinker, Di Modica's Charging Bull on Wall Street,  We, of course, will start small and you can even make your own jewelry. How cool to design your own ring  or even wedding rings . The list of supplies will be emailed following registration. Price of class is $225 for 8 weeks.


Preschool Arts and Crafts  Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30 Ages 3-5

Art is an important factor in the development of little minds. Art has been proven to improve motor skills, language development and decision making. Kids love to try new ideas. This is an opportunity to let their creativity blossom. Cliffann Furguson will instruct little ones on how to make fun projects they will be proud of.  $185 for 8 weeks all supplies included.



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Gift Certificates are available for ages 4-99!
Gift certificates make great gifts. Available in $40 increments for individual classes and workshops. We also can issue gift certificates for 4 week ($150.00) pr 8 week sessions ($185.)This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Start someone on their journey to creativity!

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Teen Learn to Draw, Saturdays 12:00-2:00 pm Ages 12-16.  Using drawing pencils, Students will learn step by step the basic pencil drawing techniques such as proportion, shading, and figure drawing moving to color as they progress.  $185 8 wks  Classes are on going; there is no start and stop date. Register now

color pencil wildlifeDRAWING NATURE AND ANIMALS IN COLOR PENCIL Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 am;Tuesdays 6:30 pm Classes are on going; there is not start and stop date

If you love drawing wildlife, you will love learning the tricks and shortcuts of how to draw nature and animals in Prismacolor pencils. this class  will teach you the correct use of Prismacolor pencils, how to choose tools and materials and create special colored pencil techniques, such as hatching, layering, burnishing, and blending to achieve realistic effects in animal hair, fur and feathers.


Printmaking arrives to Tulsa Art Center!  Wednesdays 6:30  pm

printmaking  We are so excited for this new class. This is an introduction class for students to learn the basic techniques in linoleum cuts, woodcuts and screen-printing. Students will learn different processes, such as carving, image transfers, and the uses of basic tools needed to create your images. This class is to focus on developing technical skills necessary to express his/her ideas through Printmaking.  Classes will be Wednesday’s 6:30 pm.  Register now