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New Childrens Classes Beginning July 7

Keep them cool and entertained with fabulous new classes.

Learn to draw, ages 8-12, Mondays 10-12pm begins July 7 

Oil Painting ages 12-15, Tusdays 1-3 pm begins July 8

Art Mix ages 5-12, Tuesdays  10-12 pm begins July 8




Learn to Draw! New class June 26, Thursdays 6:30 pm

Learn how to draw what you see, with these beginner drawing lessons. Discover essential drawing skills from how to hold a pencil through to perspective, pencil shading, and sketching. Progress into more difficult subjects in this fun and challenging class.


In this amazing class we will teach you how to use Prismacolor pencils to achieve beautiful realistic  and artistic results. Turn a plain picture into a real work of art by learning how to add, blend and shade with layers of color.  No clean up of paint mess, just a relaxing time among new friends. All levels are welcomed.

Painting with Acrylic Ink! Tuesdays at 6:30, Marsha Hill

This super easy super fun 8 week course will give you hours of relaxed enjoyment. The course will teach the use and materials of acrylic ink painting. Acrylic ink is a multidimensional and versitile media. It does not fade and you can use it in combination with graphite pencils, ink pencils, colored pencils. It thins with water and cleans up with water. It is fast drying and u-v stable. Colors can be created by mixing, and it goes a long way. You can use a variety of tools to apply  different creative effects.

Developing the Video games. Wednesdays 6:30 Begins July 9

Have you ever wanted to make your own video game? Well, now you can! We'll take you through the steps to make your own Street Fighter style fighting game. You'll learn to create your own character, color, and animate it complete with character intros, punches, kicks, sound effects, and special moves. Then take on the rest of your class by choosing your character from a roster and fighting in a Versus or Single player story mode. Use your own style, humor, and artistic ability to bring your character to life! Enroll now and spend your summer making games!

Children's oil painting Begins July 8- August 12 Ages 12 and up

Over 6 weeks, you will learn about shape & form, values within color, color & form, and distance & texture. This class is for beginner level students. We will work on drawing what we see by painting a still life. At the end of this technique course, you will know the basics to oil painting, know how to mix colors and how to see objects in a different perspective that will allow you to paint anything you see.
Projected Projects:
1. Learn how to mix colors
2. Still life
$185 plus $25 supply fee

Art Mix Begins July 8- Aug 12; 10-12:00 Ages 8-12

Art Mix is a fun and exciting class that focuses on a variety of mediums. Learn how to draw with oil pastels, learn about the art of African masks and create one from paper mache. We will design and create a stepping stone mosaics and to be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy for an installation art project that will be showcased at Foolish Things Coffee Company. This class is designed to expose students to all types of art, allowing them to express themselves through the unique and fun projects. 
Projected Projects:
1. Oil Pastel Portrait
2. Paper Mache mask

Anime, Manga and Fantasy Characters with Frank Newby. Mondays and Thursdays; 6:30 pm

This class embarks the student on a study of drawing and painting in styles both representational and exaggerated including Anime and Manga. Frank will help develop an artist's ability to use line, value, and color in artistic compositions whether using pencil, ink, color pencils, paint or digital coloring. Thursday classes will focus on digital drawing and painting with Photoshop.

Color, Color, Color! July 9, 10 am-12 pm

The ability to utilize color properly makes an artist’s work easier and stronger. In the Color class, students will mix colors from the primaries: red, yellow and blue, and black and white, creating their own color wheel. Color Theory will be explored, using color wheel relationships. Gray value and color values will be examined, and the relativity of colors to each other in the art environment will also be examined. Color experiments from Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color will be pursued.



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